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Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography “Playing it My Way” will be available from Nov 6, 2014

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the greatest cricketer in the history of Indian and world cricket was born on April 24, 1973 at Mumbai. he started playing cricket when he was only 2 years of age. He scored a total of more than 34000 runs from ODI and tests. His debut match was against Pakistan in 1989 and his last match agaist Westindies at Mumbai in 2013. After his retirementfrom international cricket and later announced his plans of writing an autobiography.

sachin tendulkar's autobiography - playing it my way

sachin tendulkar’s autobiography – playing it my way



Sachin on his Twitter page has announced that his Autobiography will be released on 6th of November 2014. His fans are anxiously waiting for the release of the book.496 paged book is published by Hachette India And Hodder & Stoughton and will be released world wide. Continue reading


Natwar Singh’s Autobiography “One Life Is Not Enough” hit markets


Kunwar Natwar Singh was born on May 16, 1931. He studied in some of the most reputed institutions including the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University and Peking University in China. After serving in the IFS for about 31 years, he joined politics. He was honoured with the Padma Bhushanaward in 1984.

One Life Is Not Enough : An Autobiography by Kunwar Natwar Singh

One Life Is Not Enough : An Autobiography by Kunwar Natwar Singh

Former Minister in charge of External Affairs, Kunwar Natwar Singh’s autobiography One Life Is Not Enough is an honest, searing account of the veteran’s life as a bureaucrat, politician, and cabinet minister. Natwar Singh talks about his experiences in Delhi’s political corridors and sets the record straight on several events, including the Volcker controversy.

He was honoured with the Padma Bhushan award in 1984. Singh was a cabinet minister and served as the Minister of External Affairs of India, until his resignation, post the Volcker Report controversy. One Life Is Not Enough is his autobiographical account.


Natwar Singh joined the Indian Foreign Service and served as a bureaucrat for 31 years. He joined the Congress Party in 1984, and became a Minister of State in the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s council with the portfolios of steel, agriculture, and coal and mines in 1985. In this much-awaited autobiography, the former cabinet minister talks justly about his experiences and services in various ministries. Singh has played a significant role in Indian politics for more than twenty years and has been a part of some of the most epochal events of independent India, including Indo-China talks and the formation of Bangladesh. In 2002,


when the Congress party came back to power, Natwar Singh was appointed as the Minister for External Affairs. But his eventful career saw its end with the Volcker Report in the year 2005. His name appearing in the Iraqi food-for-oil scam forced him to resign from the cabinet and eventually from the Congress party. Singh talks about all these events and the ups and downs of the Congress party in One Life Is Not Enough, an account of an insider. His association with the party allowed him to observe some of the historical events closely, and he talks about Pakistan in the 1980s, under the rule of President Zia-ul-Haq, Indo-Chinese and Indo-USSR relations among other sensitive developments.