EVOLEAS is looking for experienced and creative problem solvers with passion for great code, technology and the Web to join their International team in Pune.

Organisation : EVOLEAS

Location : PUNE

Job Description : Evoleas is looking for a passionate Ruby on Rails Developer interested in joining their dynamic and young team. Selected candidates should be helping to build and launch awesome web applications,in a fun and challenging environment. Not only will you have a chance to make your mark as a developer, but you’ll also get to work and interact with an amazing team deeply committed to create products which will have a huge impact on internet users.


Well versed in Ruby on Rails;the whole Rails (> 2.3) stack and Ruby
Proficient in Javascript, AJAX (writing end points for jQuery and Prototype)
Version Control – Experience with distributed version control systems, Git and GitHub
Proficient in MySQL database (writing queries and using indexes) and RDBMS concepts,
Test driven development
Capistrano (basic deployment)
Async job queues (DelayedJob, Resque would be nice…)
Self-motivated and takes initiative;
Loves a place where he/she can make an impact;
Extraordinary communication skills;
Innovative & creative;
Up on the latest trends & plug ins;
Enjoys regular tech networking and staying informed;

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